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If you just need a celebrant because you can't get a registrar for your date/time/venue, and you want me to basically replicate a civil ceremony, then I'm afraid I'm not the one for you. 

If you want a Humanist ceremony because it's important to you that your ceremony kickstarts your day and is a joyous celebration of you and your love: you are the ones for me!

all about... you!

Arranging your Humanist wedding ceremony is very much a two-way process: you can only get out of it what you are willing to put in

  • want to do things differently

  • want a ceremony which reflects the two of you and your love for each other

  • might want to get married in a palace. A barn. A forest. A pub. A castle. A clifftop.

  • want a ceremony that showcases your story and personality

  • want your ceremony to be a celebration of your shared values and the things you love

  • don’t want a generic, ‘insert names here’ scripted ceremony led by someone you have never met before

  • want to include your pets, your children, or your friends in your ceremony

  • might be considering including some special rituals into your day, like handfasting or ring-warming

  • perhaps want to come up with a totally bespoke symbolic ritual of your own which represents you as a couple. Love climbing? Let’s hand-fast you with some climbing ropes! Love tequila? Let's add in a mid-ceremony shot for everyone! Fancy a good old-fashioned sing-along? Let's do it!

  • want you and your guests to enjoy something beautiful, moving, fun and unique

  • want a kickass gathering!

Your Kickass Guide for a Humanist Wedding Ceremony
What I'll need from you.png

I need couples who will commit to engaging in the process of creating a Humanist ceremony.


I can do magical things with your story and create a ceremony which will suit whatever vibe you want to create - but I can only work with what you are willing to give me.

I will provide all the help and support you need:

  • my Kickass Guide to Planning Your Ceremony;

  • questionnaire homework to get to know you better;

  • an in-person meeting where we REALLY get to know each other (seriously, it feels a bit like couple's therapy sometimes!);

  • a vow writing guide; suggestions for readings; and even a Whatsapp group in the weeks leading up to your day.

But all of this only works if you are invested in the process.

If that all sounds like too much hard work, then you might be better off with Sandra at the Registry Office.

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