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Your wedding ceremony is a celebration of you as a couple and your love for each other, and with a celebrant the world really is your oyster when it comes to the elements you can include in your ceremony. You can also have the ceremony anywhere you would like: forests, castles, restaurants, hot air balloons! Your ceremony can be as alternative or traditional as you would like... or a combination of both.

Examples of ceremony ideas and rituals you could consider:

- Hand-fasting

- Wine ceremony (or whiskey... or tequila...!)

​- Sand ceremony

- Incorporating your children or your pets into the ceremony

- Lighting of unity candles 

- Flower or tree planting 

- Fire lighting (accompanying music by The Prodigy optional!)

- Have a shared hobby? Got a different idea? Let's create a bespoke symbolic ritual to include which truly represents you as a couple. 

If you are ready to start discussing some ideas, then let's talk!

Already happily married?

Celebrate a milestones in your marriage by reaffirming

your vows to each other with a gorgeous personal ceremony.