For around 8 years I taught English in Secondary schools (I know, I know, I need a medal!) but found myself increasingly disillusioned by the current UK education system and decided to start a career doing something lovely instead! I've discovered that SO MANY of my English teaching skills are useful for developing and delivering ceremonies. My knowledge of literature means I can recommend readings or poetry for your occasion, if that’s your kind of thing. I am obviously totally comfortable speaking in front of groups of people: if I can manage a class of 30 unruly teenagers then your wonderful congregation of loving friends and family will be a doddle!


And I also know great techniques for writing, tailoring and structuring the content of your celebration to ensure that you and your guests have a memorable and totally personalised ceremony.


I am fully trained and accredited by Humanists UK, and you can read more about what that means here.

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You want a ceremony that showcases your story and personality.

You don’t want a generic, ‘insert names here’ scripted ceremony led by someone you have never met before.

You may be considering including some special rituals into your day (things like handfasting, sand ceremonies, unity candles… if you have no idea what I am talking about, check out my FAQs!)

You perhaps even want to come up with a totally bespoke symbolic ritual of your own which represents you as a couple. Love climbing? Let’s hand-fast you with some climbing ropes! Love tequila? Let's add in a mid-ceremony shot for everyone! Fancy a good old fashioned sing-along? Let's do it!

You want your ceremony to be conducted in a place that is meaningful to you: a forest. A beach. The field where you first met while out walking your dogs. A hot air balloon. The top of a mountain. Whatever your vision, I’m up for it!

You want your guests to enjoy something beautiful, moving, fun and unique.

You need to get in touch with me!

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In most parts of the UK including England and Wales, you can only legally get married in licensed venues with the ceremony conducted by a Registrar from the Local Authority, or in a religious church ceremony (although Humanists UK are campaigning to make Humanist weddings legally recognised in England and Wales. Read all about it here!)


Many people are now opting to do ‘the legal bit’ separately at the Register Office - for a cost of around £50 - and arranging a more fun and bespoke ceremony for ‘the big day’.


A celebrant, unlike a Registrar, will take the time beforehand to get to know about you as a couple and your relationship, meaning your ceremony is incredibly personal and heartfelt.


I will only ever do one wedding per day, too, so you get my full attention and flexibility.

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You can be assured that with a humanist celebrant, you are working with someone who has completed rigorous training, is full insured, and has a huge network of celebrant colleagues to share ideas and advice with!

Find out more about humanist weddings and Humanists UK here.