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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ok, so... how much does all this cost?
    Wedding ceremonies start at £1,300 for 2024 and £1,350 for 2025. I give an 'all in' quote, so this will vary based on location, distance, and whether any accommodation is required if you are more than a 4 hour journey away - just get in touch and I'll do the maths. I don't charge anything extra for the first 50 miles of travel. I appreciate that I am not the cheapest celebrant out there, but I promise I am worth it (and, more importantly, SO ARE YOU, BBZ!). To help with payment, I split the cost into 3 payments: booking; after the planning meeting; and then 2 weeks before the wedding day. If cost is a barrier for you, I am always happy to recommend some of my other wonderful celebrant colleagues.
  • And what does that include?
    Before the day a no-obligation video call before you book, so we can check we are a good fit for each other some cute wedding planning goodies when you book my Kickass Guide To Planning Your Humanist Wedding Ceremony, which includes information, hints, tips and activities to get you thinking about what you do and don't want for your ceremony ceremony planning questionnaire for the initial planning stages any online or in person planning meetings (at my home in Derby) WhatsApp group chat for the three of us from the script/planning stage up to your wedding day my Kickass Guide To Writing Your Own Wedding Vows, and any help and support you might need with these advice / suggestions for readings if required writing a totally unique script for your ceremony, and working with you to make any edits or tweaks needed until you are completely happy with it a video call 'rehearsal' a few days before your wedding to run through any last minute tips or questions. On the day exclusive use! I only ever book one wedding a day, so that I can give it my full attention and can be flexible with timings travel to and from your venue being a general dogsbody for an hour before and after the ceremony (helping out with arranging the ceremony space, shepherding guests, or dealing with anything else that crops up!) conducting a heartfelt and hilarious ceremony which has you and your guests loving every single second including any alternative wedding rituals or symbolic actions that take your fancy a certificate designed to fit your colour scheme to sign as part of the ceremony (if you would like that as a photo opportunity - not everyone does!) Afterwards a cute gift and a gorgeous presentation copies of your ceremony script (printed and digital) as keepsakes a buddy for life (if you want me!)
  • How do we book and how does payment work?
    First, get in touch via my contact form so that I can make sure I am available for your date and location. From there we can arrange a video call chat to check that we click and are a good fit for each other. I won't put you on the spot and ask for a decision then and there. It's a big decision, so I will send over all the information you need via email and give you the time and space to discuss it between you. If you decide you DO want a Kickass Ceremony, I'll probably have a little G&T to celebrate and then send over your booking forms. To help spread the cost, a deposit will secure your date. The remaining balance is then split, with 50% to pay once we start writing your script (usually 3-6 months before your big day) and the final balance being due 14 days before your ceremony.
  • Where are you based and where do you cover?
    I live in Derby which makes it really easy to travel to most of the Midlands and into Yorkshire, and I don't charge anything extra for the first 50 miles of travel. If you and your venue are further afield, though, get in touch - I am happy to travel!
  • Do you know any good photographers / videographers / musicians / venues?
    I absolutely do. I work with lots of different suppliers for every wedding, so I have a Little Orange Book full of wonderful people. My instagram page can be useful, too, as I try to tag suppliers involved in each wedding I post about. You can also check out my 'features and links' page for some specific recommendations, or if you're after something particularly niche and specific get in touch and I'll see who I know!
  • Are you available for destination weddings?
    I LOVE a destination wedding! A ceremony on a beach in Greece? In a French Château? Or a Finland winter wonderland wedding? Whatever your plans, I'm probably up for it.
  • Will our wedding be legally binding?
    You will have to do the legal bit separately with a Registrar, which generally costs around £57 if you go for the basic 2+2 'statutory registration' option. Think of it as getting the 'paperwork' out of the way - you don't even have to exchange rings; you can save that for your celebrant ceremony if you wish! You can do the 'legal bit' at any time before or after your main celebration. A bill has recently been introduced into Parliament to give Humanist weddings the same legal recognition in England and Wales as they already have in Scotland and Northern Ireland. See my blog post for examples of different ways other Kickass Couples have navigated the legal bit.
  • Can we write our own vows?
    You are actively encouraged to write your own vows. The vows are the main bit of the ceremony, really. The only non-optional bit. There are different ways to do these: 1: written by you, spoken by you, and kept secret from each other until the big day. 2: personalised statements to respond 'I do' to 3. personalised statements to say 'repeat after me style'. If these sound terrifying: don't panic. I hold your hand every step of the way. I have a vow writing resource which talks you through it and gives you prompts, activities, and sentence starters. I liaise with you as much or as little as you need to ensure we end up with vows which match well and are a true reflection of your relationship (whether that means they're soppy and serious or savage and banter-filled!) I have had people who were adamant they wouldn't be able to write their own or read them on the day, but trust me: you can do it. See my vows blog for some examples!
  • We have no idea what we want to include in our ceremony. Can you help us?!
    That's what I'm here for! I can have as much or as little contribution to the content of the ceremony as you would like. If you already have a really clear vision of what you would like to say and include, then I can just offer tweaks and help with the overall structure. If you are totally clueless and already feel overwhelmed at the thought of deciding what to include (or not include!) in your ceremony, then I will offer guidance and suggestions until we have come up with something truly special which reflects you as a couple or family.
  • We are getting married on a weekday... will it be cheaper?
    Maybe very slightly, but it won't be the huge savings that suppliers such as venues, caterers and hire companies can offer. I don't have unlimited availability: I'm a one-woman business, and cap the number of ceremonies I conduct each year to ensure that all my couples get the best possible service. Planning, writing and delivering a wedding ceremony takes the same amount of time, care and attention regardless of which day of the week the big day actually falls on, so my price for an 'off-peak' date doesn't vary much, if at all. But think of it this way: if you're saving on venue costs, you might decide to splurge on the ultimate wedding day upgrade (by which I obviously mean a celebrant ceremony!)
  • I want to be a wedding celebrant... can you tell me everything you know?
    I can't tell you everything. But this blog post covers a lot of ground.
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