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what is humanism, anyway?

I am a Humanist, and a Humanists UK Accredited celebrant but what does that mean for you?

Some of my couples are actual card-carrying members of Humanists UK.


Others end up looking into Humanist ceremonies because they want a personal, non-religious ceremony... and end up realising that they were, in fact, pretty Humanist themselves already!


Don't worry, though - it doesn't mean that I will be preaching about Humanism in your ceremony, or that guests of other faiths and religions will be made to feel excluded or uncomfortable.


Stephen Fry is a Patron of Humanists UK (does that mean I can consider him a colleague?!) He has recorded a series of videos about Humanism. Give it a watch and see what you think!

What is..

I usually sum up Humanism as a non-religious life stance centred around reason; kindness; happiness; and the power of humanity. We believe that you don't need a god or a higher power to tell you what is right or wrong!


If you:

  • trust science over the spiritual or supernatural

  • try to live an ethical life with empathy for others

  • believe that we give our lives meaning and create happiness through the power of the human experience

Then congrats!  You might just be a Humanist.

For me, this tagline sums it up well

"Think for yourself; act for everyone"


Here are some links and resources if you would like to find out more!

You can also support the work of Humanists UK by becoming a member. Humanists UK lead campaigns about schools and education; human rights and equality; secularism; and public ethical issues.


You can find out more about these here:

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